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Side A

No other band can surpass the popularity of Side A, they have captured a wide audience breaking all barriers between market classes and   any music genre. Starting out at hotel lounges in 1985, they have  have been accepted in the mainstream and have all the hit records, sold out concerts  and recognition to prove it. It has been more than a decade now since they started and still hottest act in the industry. The secret of their success? Being true to themselves,their faith, their music and their fans.   Meet the members of  Side A....


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Naldy Gonzalez

Side A was formed by Naldy Gonzalez back in 1985
and the only original member left  in the group.
He is the band's musical director and the keyboard player
as well. Naldy is one of the songwriters and lead vocalists
of Side A responsible for hits like "Sana Naman" and "Just Wanna Make You Happy".


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Joey Generoso

One of the hearthrobs of the band is lead vocalist Joey Generoso,
most popularly known as Joey G. Started out singing in folkhouses, he joined several bands before finally settling down with Side A in 1989. Joey is the distinct voice that gives Side A its unique sound. Aside from being the lead vocalist, he also plays the rhythm guitar.


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Kelly Badon

Sure he can carry a tune....he can crack some jokes....but playing a mean guitar is what Kelly Badon is all about. Trained in classical guitar, he has blues and rock n' roll in his veins. He joined the band in 1986, aside from playing the lead guitar, he is the group's jester which isn't no joke for Kelly....he treats humor as an artform.



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It was 1986 when bass player Joey Benin, or Joey B. as they would call him, joined the band. He is the youngest member in the band and also the responsible for the song "Eva Marie",  the single that would start  Side A's recording career. With his boyish looks and mellow voice, he has attracted several female fans.   


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Side A's most seasoned musician, drummer Ernie Severino has played for the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philippine Youth Orchestra and has done several session drumming for some of the country's best singers before joining the band in 1991. Behind Ernie's discipline and maturity is his dedication to his craft.